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Caring is our practice —

Our goal is to provide dental care beyond our patients' expectations.

We are a small practice concentrating our efforts on personal attention to each patient. We provide advanced dental techniques in a relaxed, caring environment.

Our low-volume practice allows us to treat our patients' time with respect. We do not ‘double-book’ appointments or care for multiple patients during your time. Our attention is where it should be — on you.

Dr. Homayoon and Dr. Van Winkle
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Concerned with your experience —

Dr. Walter Homayoon  completed a 3-year prosthodontic residency at the State University of New York at Buffalo in June 1999, prior to which he practiced for three years in Bohemia, NY. Dr. Homayoon also attended — read more . . .
Dr. Heather Van Winkle has been in practice as a General Dentist in Bohemia since 1999. She has completed a year of Advanced Education in General Dentistry at the University of Buffalo in June of 1999. She received her  — read more . . .

New tech for teeth — our professional whitening procedures*
One of our newest instruments in the battle of the bright smile is the Zoom II Whitening System.

This new system has been featured on ABC's Extreme Make Over.

Our patient have obtained impressive results, often up to 9 shades of lightening.

See the independent consumer review of the Zoom! Professional Chairside Whitening System...

Virtually all consumer research advocates the professional administration of whitening programs rather than unsupervised home-based approaches.
The professional Zoom! 2 Chairside Whitening System
• Fast - one visit is all it usually takes!
• Rated the most effective system available!
• Dentist administered -
• Gain up to several shades of whitening!

*We also offer home-whitening plans under our supervison!

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The ADA recommends discussing teeth whitening plans with your dentist
and choosing a dentist-supervised plan.

SouthShoreDDS.com is the website of Dr. Heather Van Winkle and Dr. Walter Homayoon located at 669 Lanson St., Bohemia, NY 11716 in Suffolk County, Long Island. Telephone (631) 567-4584. We provide both routine and advanced dentistry services including non-amalgam fillings, cosmetic dentistry, minor and major restorative dental projects such as crowns and bridges, implant restoration, inlays and onlays, whitening and veneers. Our practice specializes in prosthodontic procedures to replace missing teeth utilizing many treatment possibilities ranging from implants to partial or complete dentures.